International ibo-bodyguard organization is a private institution and doesn’t affiliate with any government agency. This organization also works with NGOs. International ibo-bodyguard having experienced and professional teachers helps you to access the world of science. Ibo helps you in 3 ways:
  • Free online training and non-free courses
  • Issued authoritative international degrees
  • Introduction to employment and employer
If teachers are fighting or have experience in police or military, in this case, you don’t need training course and can get basic certificate course. Also, you can become an honorary member of the General Assembly and use its benefits and services.

If you are a manager, institutes and academies of the bodyguard and martial arts, you can register your Institute and Academy under the ibo- bodyguard and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Holding training courses
  • Holding basic and advanced courses
  • Certificates issued by the ibo-bodyguard, if approved the quality of education
  • Provide CDs and articles
  • Assignment of international projects and cooperation in enforcement
Since 1998, the bodyguard organization began its informal activity and since 2011 with the creation of favorable environment is ready to cooperate and serve of all nations of the world.
New Course
  Course Name StartDate
VIP Hotel - Protocol & Etiquette 12/3/2021
Basic Training Course 7/10/2021
Counter-Sniper 4/8/2021
International Bodyguard Skills 4/6/2021
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