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News Title: Bodyguard ID
News Date: 8/27/2014
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Get Your Global Bodyguard ID For Limited Time :


  1.   Professional Bodyguard ID (12 Digits Code).
  2.  You can use this 12digits code in your documents and identity cards.
  3. Available online inquiry.
  4. Four different levels .
  5. Access to online articles .
  6. Find Jobs
  7. Request a printed certificate


Sample Bodyguard Id : 140046106101

Online Inquiry Now


We do accept to our Membership only persons who masters  5 Days ( 40 Hours) Basic Training .

We also accept persons for our Membership who has background of Army ,Military , Police , S.W.A.T


I.B.O  Membership Categories :

  • 40 Hours Training Programs successful completion, 1 Star Membership

  • 80 Hours  Training Programs successful completion, 2 star Membership

  • 200 Hours  Training Programs successful completion, 3 star Membership

  • 500 Hours  Training Programs successful completion, 4 star Membership


Register New Bodyguards


After registering You Can Pay Your Membership fee And Activate Your Account :

I.B.O Membership fees:


1 Year membership fee :  50 EURO        Pay Now

2 Year membership fee :  75 EURO        Pay Now

3 Year membership fee : 100 EURO       Pay Now



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Sample printed certificate :


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