IBO services for individuals , institutes and academies which are active in bodyguard, self-defense  and fitness.

  1. A chance to use system (special identity) to issue diploma and statutes under the International Bodyguard Organization  Bachelor. You can use this 12digits code in your documents and identity cards.
  2. Possibility of issuing special magazines and journals with your academy’s name in our IBO website.
  3. Possibility of uploading news and daily reports in news section of IBO website.
  4. Informing all users about your educational and training courses in IBO website via E-mail.
  5. Introducing your academy to local members regarding your residence area.
  6. Putting your contact information , history and activity background in IBO website.
  7. Possibility of holding international competitions in bodyguard and  self-defense courses.
  8.  A system for members evaluating of training courses and showing 10 top course based on members choices in IBO website main page.
  9. Possibility of access to job finding link.
  10.  Educational support by skilled and trained staff.
  11.  Possibility of registering your own academy or tactic under the IBO control.
  12.  Possibility of using IBO logo in your website and advertisements.
  13.  Harmonizing and informing to hold online courses.
  14.  Issuing educational diploma by IBO for your courses and sending them via mail system all over the world.
  15.  Possibility of online registration  and money will be credited to your account for your training courses.
  16. Possibility of selling your educational products online via IBO website.
  17.  Possibility of  using academy management system.
  18.  Possibility of issuing bodyguard international symbol.
  19. Issuing Representative order for IBO Representatives.


Main office in London ,England

coordination office address in England : unit 9304, po-box 6945 , London, W1A6us

                       Email: AGENT@IBO-BODYGUARDS.ORG


As International Bodyguard Organization we wil give representation to individuals and institutions as result of our assessment.

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